Gas range to become a professional cook

My last journey with the metal detector didn’t went exactly as I planned, but I still found 10 old coins. I took 1 as a memory and sold 9 of them to an antiquarian for $990. I was amazed about it. Even if it’s not the lost city, it’s still good amount of money.

I thought that with that money, maybe I could fulfil one of my dreams. I just had to choose wisely. I had 3 major dreams that are feasible and all 3 requires about $1000 or less.

  1. Build my own go-kart
  1. Improve my cooking knowledge and become a professional cook
  1. Build a gaming PC (not a high-end PC)

After long hours of thinking, I realised that if I choose the 2nd option I could gather more money and maybe later I could create the 1st and he 3rd as well.

I made up my mind a week ago to become a professional cook. To make it happen I have to take classes to improve my skills. I already found the perfect training for semi-professionals. It is a 12-month length course with 95% government aid – I had to pay $400. Most of the student who finish this course could find a job at a 4 / 5-star restaurant – which is a great opportunity.

I know that doing everything that the instructors say won’t be enough, so I have to practice at home as well, which requires at least that much energy as my “regular” job. But to do that, I have to buy a new gas range, because my previous one is not performing very well.

With some basic knowledge I started to look for the best gas ranges and I could already found it in a site full of reviews: PickMyGasRange . I could find all the necessary information about the newest gas ranges and I could find the perfect for my needs exactly for $600. That was more than I could wish for.

Thanks to that I’ll be able to fulfil one of my dreams, and maybe I could make the other two within a year. Wish me luck!