Finding the lost city with a metal detector

Last week I dreamed about walking on a beach with a metal detector in my hands. As I walked and searched for some treasure that machine slowly started beeping. As I got closer and closer that sound became more frequent until it was nothing else just a constant annoying noise.

That was the spot where I started digging. After a long period of time (I can’t recall how much it was…but it seemed a lot in my dream) I found something yellow, something shinny. I couldn’t pull it out from the sand, so I had to make it more approachable. I broke two of my spades, but after that the thing I found had a very exact shape. It was a bell – up to 10 feet height and 4 feet width – full of gold! After (still in my dream) I cleaned it I found a word on it’s side: Atlantis.

This was the moment I woke up.

I know, I know…that’s just a dream, but guys! The next day I found a picture in the local paper with the exact same beach I dreamed about! And I never saw it before (100%)!

What would you do in my place?

For me it was more than clear that I have to buy a metal detector and find that bell again. Unfortunately I didn’t have the qualification for this kind of devices…I found a site where is some metal detector reviews for personal use, but I don’t know if I can believe in it.

Any of you can confirm if what the site claims is true? Is this Garret AT Pro metal detector really that good?

metal det

Thank you for your help!

I promise if with your help I can find what I dreamed about you will get from it’s price! 🙂